What Are The 5 Types of Blogs

What Are The 5 Types of Blogs?

Are you a blogger? or you want to start a blog and your blogging career but are confused yet, which type of blog is good for you. do not worry end of this guide you will understand which kind of blog, you should start and also will know what are the 5 types of blogs that you can start.

The first fall we know what is the blog.

We all know this, blogging is more popular these days but do you know What Are The 5 Types of Blogs? and blogging? The answer is blog is like a web diary as you would hear about 30 and 40 years back most people write a diary all writing web diaries in blog format.

So the blog is just a web diary if you want to know more about what is a blog must click this link.

What Are The 5 Types of Blogs?

If you want to start a blog in a perfect way then you must understand there are common 5 types of blogs that you can start this year but before starting a blog you should know about the 5 Best SEO Tactics so you can Bring Visitors to A New Site. Let’s start about What Are The 5 Types of Blogs?.

1. Personal Blog

Personal blog is very different from others why because it would be start only for specific knowledge and on person that start the blog.

It just depend on blogger and their purpose what they want share to audience there are many of old personal blog and even my this blog digitalsumitpathak also a personal blog where i share my skill and knowledge through it.

What Are The 5 Types of Blogs
What Are The 5 Types of Blogs?

But most of blogger start their blog on personal live and experience for other and influence of audience. And make money with bloging but personal blogs are not set up to make money and that doesn’t mean that all blog not make money.

They make after when they go popular or their blog but you have to share helpful content.

2. Business Blog

Business blog is best way to promote your business, yourself or your service. if you are in any profession or have any skill that you want to promote and want bring to clients for your service.

Business blog is the best way and in these days everyone are promoting their business through business blog and with the help of digital marketing.

And you can make money with that to sale your product and service.

3. Affiliate Blog

Affilate blog is like business many of doing affiliate blogging as business affiliate is just promote other compnays product and service through your blog content. if anyone buy that product or service through your content you will get commission.

Affilate is like coloabratin with other company they give you a affiliate link that you promote through your content and there are most of company gives opportunity to promote their product.

What Are The 5 Types of Blogs?

You have to write review content on your blog like bluehost review content if write on my blog and you are buy hosting through my blog. i got commission but do not worry you have not pay any extra mmount that is affiliate marketing.

4. Niche Blog

Niche blog is the specific category there you want to work. there are many niche around you if we talkss about health it is a broad niche and have huge group of audience.

But when you go inside of health there would be many micro niche like fitnes,yoga,wait gain and so on if you target less group of audience that micro niche and you create a blog on it. if you target just yoga niche then it is niche blog you can not share any other content.

I hope you understood and you can make money with it too there many source available. so if you have knowledge in specific niche then you can start niche blog.

5.News Blog

News blog is very difficult you need few team members because it is most exceptional and costly to create.

When you are start news blog you have research daily bases for trending topic what kind of news going to tend then you to need proper writer that write you specific content with on time.

So you can post multiple content on your blog everyday because reader of news want accurate and daily base content with consistent. And you can make money through the too.


There are born new blogger daily bases and they find idea of blog. Becasue they do not which kind blog should open. so in this post you would be proper idea which type of blog good for you if you are still confused must read agin What Are The 5 Types of Blogs? so you could more clear. i hope this content would be helpful

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