Do Backlinks Help SEO

Do Backlinks Help SEO?

Do Backlinks Help SEO? Search engine optimization is the robust process of ranking your website or blog. but many new bloggers ask many times do backlinks help SEO “yes” backlink help to do SEO, and in this post, we will talk about them how to do backlinks help SEO.

A backlink is a vote from another website to your website as much as getting a vote for your website. that vote will help you to create credibility and your website gets ranked on the search engines.

But there are many new bloggers and website owners who make the mistake of making backlinks. They create spammy backlinks which are why their website not would rank on top and then they ask do backlinks help SEO.

If you are creating from authoritative and high da pa website backlinks you get more advantages to rank on google than you would ask anymore Do Backlinks Help SEO?

We can create multiple types of Link Building Techniques but we have to take care of spammy backlinks so first analyze the website and how much have da pa of that website has. You can check from the website SEO checker free tool given screenshot.

Do Backlinks Help SEO?
Do Backlinks Help SEO?

What Types Do Backlinks Help SEO?

There are multiple types of backlink SEO expert use in search engine optimization for better ranking on google.

But if your question is still the same do backlinks help SEO then I want to tell you in this backlink list I will share proven backlinks that I will already use for my website and blogs.

Without time wasting let us start to know about backlink types.

  1. Profile backlink

Profile backlinks really help in SEO and boosting a website’s DA profile backlinks would be a very simple backlink-building strategy you have to find out a website that gives the opportunity to make a profile o their website and submit your website link. You have to just create your profile like Facebook and another social platform. It is a very simple process.

2. Comment Backlink

These types of backlinks are just for making comments on other useful blogs and website also you can search on google comment backlink websites. in this process, you have to read that blog and do relevant comments.

Do Backlinks Help SEO
Do Backlinks Help SEO?

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is still helpful in SEO it is like the same profile backlink. in this process, you have to find out social bookmarking websites like Twitter and many others.

4. Guest Posting

Most bloggers and SEO experts consider guest posting is the best process of backlink because it gives awesome results in this process, you can reach out to your competitor’s website for guest posting but first, you have to research the best keyword according to your niche blog and to written useful content around it then reach out. and submit your guest posting and add your website link.

5. Collaborating

It is a very effective backlink strategy and building relationships with your niche-type blogger ad blogs and earning the best authoritative backlink can boost DA or traffic at this time everyone to interest in with collaborating either blog or youtube.

6. Question Answer Backlinks Help SEO

Have seen everyone has questions about their niche so you can give answers to that question for question answer Quora is the best website as like has many websites even google also start these kind f question answer. You have to just create a free account on this website and find the right question according to your niche and write helpful and useful answers and add your website and blog link using high visual images so everyone interacts with your answer. ask questions and follow my quora page.


There are many more types of backlinks but these are the backlink that helps SEO this is the answer to who was finding the answer Do Backlinks Help SEO?

In this post, I have shared types of backlinks and also shared how backlink helps in SEO if this post is helpful must be shared with your friend.

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