Elements Of An Exceptional Blog Post

13 Must-Have Elements Of An Exceptional Blog Post

When you start your first blog and think you will grow easily, that is not possible in this competitive era because everybody wants to make money through blogging as soon as possible. but if these 13 Must-Have Elements Of An Exceptional Blog Post if you want to grow in your blogging career.

Before starting these elements first know about why you are writing a blog post just shaking off money or Google and for anything but I would like to tell you money is by the products. if your product is good then you can make money.

If you are creating useful content then must have the possibility that you can make money, But first, you have to focus on content quality for Blog posts and you should write the content for users not for Google.

If you write content for users and with user intent Google always rewards good quality content and also it promotes your content entire the web.

So these 13 Must-Have Elements Of An Exceptional Blog Post to rank on Google first easily.

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Without wasting time let’s get started post Elements Of An Exceptional Blog Post.

  1. Compelling Topic
  2. Search-Friendly URL
  3. Include An Author
  4. Table Of Contents
  5. Powerful Headline
  6. Interesting Introduction
  7. Compelling Subheadings
  8. Length
  9. Appealing Visuals
  10. Conclusion
  11. Useful Links
  12. Schema
  13. Suggest Related Blog Posts
  14. Final Thoughts

Compelling Topic

Your topic is the first impression process if your topic is not compelling then how users click on your post so your topic must compelling.

always write user interesting topics that your users like your topic and keep interested in your Blog Post.

If you do not know how to create a catchy and compelling topic then you can take feedback from your audience. and you can use social media channels and ask from your clients and social media audience.

You can use tools there are many tools available to find out and work on that strategy making a compelling topic for your relevant niche.

Search-Friendly URL

Now the second step is your SEO-friendly URL or you can say search-friendly URL google always loves short and simple URL structures so should not use any numbers, dates, and times like that.

Search-Friendly URL
Search-Friendly URL

URL structure if your post URL does not have a search-friendly crawler that could not crawl properly your URL should always be like that as shared in the screenshot(SS)

Include An Author

When you do not fulfill the author’s profile then you are making a big mistake because the author gives more credibility and context to the user they can know about the author if that author posts like it user then they come back again to read the Blog Post of that author.

And also build user experience they feel like a real person’s posts and also you can use social media links like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

If you are writing a post on your blog then you are making the big mistake of not creating a Table of Contents (TOC) for your Blog Post, Using TOC we can navigate our users, and also it is easy to read a post by the user which posts they like and they can click and use that paragraph.

Also, google rewards you as a feature on 0 rankings (feature snippet) so must use a TOC.

Powerful Headline

These all steps come into the basics of SEO, The Headline should be powerful use proper keywords inside your heading, and use the proper hashtag. A powerful headline gives more user engagement.

Interesting Introduction

Your headline attracts more clicks on your site as an interesting introduction can covert your users into tho regular readers and they like your content we are not saying let’s explain everything we saying you should give a short and clear intro that user needs to understand what are you talking about through the blog or post.

Compelling Subheadings

Your blog topic should be compelling as much as your subheading should be compelling. Your headline and subheading are important elements to catch the user.

Use proper primary and secondary keywords as well in your subheading because when you use proper keywords and headings then google easily reads your content and shows your content to a user.

Also, keep remembering not to use too many keywords, and like keyword stuffing be used only like natural keyword placement in your Blog Post.


Your content length is really important but it is not compulsory to use so many words just to increase content length I know you heard that content length should be 1000 words above approx 2000+ but this is not the right way.

If your content needs only 1000 words to explain everything that is enough no need for more words. first, analyze your competitor’s content length then you can explore information on how much knowledge should be used in your content.

Appealing Visuals

Appealing visualization is more essential why might have heard that one image can say a hundred words and per human mind always works on visualization.

So when you use proper images, infographics, videos, graphs, etc.

Then this visualization will give more user intensity so always should use perfect visualization.


The conclusion is not part of the end it is part of memorizing the entire post again because after reading the entire blog they may have forgotten some point so you have to remind them again.

A good post will summarize the takeaway from the article and you could guide the next step the reader also you can give a call to action and action plan like you could fill out the signup form and download and PDF guide which is essential.

Useful Links

When you write a post must focus on a good post and a good post sign is useful because you can use initial linking or external links that navigate of user to some relevant topic and insight.

Internal linking is the most important for search engine optimization internal linking helps google crawlers to fast crawl.


Schema is very crucial for every post whether your eCommerce website or blog because schema elements help google easily identify every page and post there are some examples of schema markup post schema, FAQ schema, and product schema.

Suggest Related Blog Posts

Now you have structured the entire post but if you miss suggesting a related blog post again you are making a mistake because at the end of the post, you can add a related post that relates to your topic so user will spend more time on your post.

Wind up

Now we have reached the end of this post we explain the 13 Must-Have Elements Of An Exceptional Blog Post every post technical aspect that helps you to better content creation and with on-page SEO you can be visible on Google if this post is helpful Then must comment below and you can download free SEO guide pdf.

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