Google News Optimization Mistakes

Avoid These 6 Common Google News Optimization Mistakes

Are you a blogger or running a news website and you would approve your blog or news website by a Google news publisher?

You would be optimizing your news website or blog but do you think you are making Google News optimization mistakes not even one mistake you are making multiple mistakes in Google News SEO, you must avoid these 6 Google News optimization mistakes.

Now you are thinking about what mistake you have been making wait I will explain each and 6 mistakes that you are doing in Google News optimization.

As we know there is a digital world everything is going to be digital even the news format do you remember a few years earlier newspapers are very popular for newsreaders but now in this digital world, everything is possible?

Even when you wake up the first thing you do is check your mobile for what news updates are today.

That’s like everyone does in the morning so Google News is the best source of news and increases the traffic to news websites and blogs so avoid Google News Optimization Mistakes.

What is Google News?

There are most bloggers know about Google News and definitely, and they will be approved for their website by the Google News publisher but most beginners do not know about what is google news. You should know about Google News to stop Google News Optimization Mistakes.

Google News is a news aggregator that was launched by Google in 2002 to help users find the day’s news without any distractions the news aggregator collects the news from different sources on the internet.

Google News Optimization Mistakes

What is The Importance of Google News For Publishers

Do you know our most of our traffic comes from external sources like other websites where we can create backlinks, social media, and some other sources now Google News Aggregator is the best source of traffic but if we talk about Google News accounts 4% of publisher traffic source?

So now you can understand what is the importance of Google News because it the largest source of traffic for publishers. best SEO expert in India

How Does Googe News Work?

As we know google does not create the content it always collects data from other publishers Google News collects an article from 20,000 news publishers in the world.

Then provide unique, reliable, and authentic news and content for their use as we know Google always tracks our activity what we search what we like to see, and everything with the help of an algorithm so they show up in who’s feed.

Google News publisher has various features for the publisher, the publisher can submit a URL or feed with the help of the Google News publisher and you should focus on avoiding Google News Optimization Mistakes.

Avoid These Six Mistakes Google News Optimization

  • Amp Is essential for Google News
  • Google News is just for News Publisher
  • Google News is the same as Top Stories
  • Not following Google News Content Policies
  • Ignoring Google News Publisher Centers
  • Making Live changes on Google News Publisher Center

1. Amp Is essential for Google News

Amp ( Accelerate Mobile Pages) is the better open-source for projects launched by Google in 2015 for mobile-friendly and better for a mobile serving website it was just the brainchild of Google that boosts website speed on mobile.

But in July 2021 update removed the amp requirement for top stories because in the middle of 2015 and 2021, google publishers adopted to appear in top stories but now no need for an amp for top stories.

2. Google News is just for News Publisher

There are new beginner news publishers and bloggers who make Google News Optimization Mistakes because they think Google News is just for news publishers and is only a myth because now google all stories show news stories that are to relate Google News policies.

3. Google News is the same as Top Stories

Most publishers think Google News is the same as Top Stories which is a big mistake because Top Stories are a feature of the Google search engine, not Google News aggregators which are the biggest Google News Optimization Mistakes.

4. Not following Google News content Policies

Most publishers do not follow Google News content policies the content should not violate Google guidelines of dangerous, hateful content, or harassment. medical, terrorist, and sexual content.

5. Ignoring Google News Publisher Centers

Google launched a new publisher center where your content can appear automatically but without getting news approval as we know Google News Publishers provide many amazing features and the best feature is we can take many web approvals in one organization so you should not ignore Google News Publishers.

6. Making Live changes on Google News Publisher Center

Important changes to your publication such as ad implementation, CSS override, manager-only sections, and unpublished publications can interfere with the user experience.


There we have shared 6 Mistakes that you should avoid for Google News optimization that you have been doing every the last few years.

If you are a Blogger or news publisher avoid it so your news optimization score is higher and you can increase your website traffic now you have understood why you should avoid Google News Optimization Mistakes.

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