Top 5 Best SEO Tips

Top 5 Best SEO Tips: For Beginner Guide/2022

What is SEO (search engine optimization)? if you are a beginner in SEO or have just started blogging then you must face a problem with ranking a blog on a google search engine page then these Best SEO Tips will help you.

SEO is a process to rank on google with some strategy. so first you need to know how to work SEO before knowing about SEO you need to know how to google work.

Google always find the best content result for their user googles design by an algorithm that finds the best content with the help of their bot called the spider.

When you search something on google as a “keyword” then google find which data file is indexed by google they catch up that content file as user search intent and appear on SERP. Then few relevant websites get to appear on google for a user, Then the user finds their answer and googles get a signal about this site it is good for this question.

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Then google give ranking on their page as much have good user-friendly content, so google always gives first priority to good and unique content.

Apart from this process, Best SEO Tips would help to rank on google but it is a very slow process to rank.

But more e-commerce website or business owner who wants instant result always take help SEM(Search Engine Marketing) but you have to pay for it, That is why SEO work but will take time. also, you can take help the best SEO company in India

So hello friends today I am telling you a few best SEO tips that would be helpful for starting search engine optimization.

Are you excited to know about them? Let’s get started Best SEO Tips

#1. Find Low Competition Keywords

Keyword research is the first step of search engine optimizations so Keyword is the Best SEO Tips, if you are finding high competition keywords then you have less the possibility to rank on SERP.

Because you are just starting a blog user and google does not know which kind of content you are producing and there are multiple reputed bloggers, who had to do work already on that keywords. so why google will appear on your blog on the first page.

When you choose a keyword for your content then you have to do more research to find low competitive keywords so you could rank easily.

There is a certain top best keywords research tool you could take help of them paid and free both as you affordable

#2. Create Content Around Primary And Secondary Keywords

Your content creates as much unique and good as much create around primary and secondary keywords.

But why create like this?

You know these keywords give a signal to Google, your content which about, your primary keywords will define your content and will tell about content. when you create a landing page your primary keywords should be there and secondary keywords would help to rank your first keywords.

And your primary keywords should be in the content of every 100 words paragraph that is very important to know about.

Other than using secondary keywords to improve your search ranking.

#3. Use keywords in The Title Meta Description And Permalink


Search engine optimization is very crucial for website ranking but these are all steps you have to follow the best SEO, your keywords should include in the post or page URL and your URL short and Descriptive.

Post Title

Your title is the first user interaction parameter of your website but if your keywords do not have in the title then the user has very little chance to will click on them so your primary keywords always should be in the title for better Best SEO Tips.

Meta Description

Now after the title user sees your post meta description that appears on google so if your primary and secondary should be in the meta description. this three-step is essential to SEO ranking. you can use the best SEO plugins

#4. Get High Authority Backlink

Now your content is ready to publish but your SEO is not done yet since your website or post did not get a high authority website backlink.

Backlink always would help to rank your post on the search result page so you have to earn a good backlink from a high authority website.

There are different types of backlinks we can use like image submission, infographics, pdf submission and guest post.

Guest post is the best way of SEO backlinks you can try as well.

#5. Post Internal Linking

If you write the first post that is not possible but if you already have written a few posts then step vert crucial for top best search engine tactics.

Internal linking is just a link to a post that indicates a relevant post for user understanding also making backlinks is the best way of SEO.

If you forget about doing internal linking then might be affected your SEO so always keep in mind.


SEO is not one time process. it is a daily basis practice base so if you are a newbie in search engine optimization then these are all the Best SEO Tips that I have explained above you have to do practice and always be updated about algorithms so you can do better search engine optimization then you have to follow all Best SEO Tips

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