Top 5 Best Keywords Research Tools

Top 5 Best Keywords Research Tools: What Is The Best Free Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

Are you looking for high potential ranking keywords but don’t know What is the Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO? where you should find these keywords?

Or if you are looking for the top 5 best free keywords research tools then stay tuned because this post is going to help you learn about the best free keywords research tool.

So hello digital marketing practitioner or search engine optimization specialist today I am going to tell you about a free keyword research tool but some paid tools used by the Best Digital Marketing Company in India.

Let’s get start

Here is the free keyword analysis software.

  • Google keywords planner
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Google Trends
  • Answer The Public
  • Google Search Console

These Five free keywords research tools I used plenty of times. Then after using this keyword generator Sharing with you.

Now let us check how it works best as a keyword research tool. Must check Top 5 Best Keywords Research Tools

#1. Google keywords planner

Google keywords planner tool is very simple and easy to use so this is perfect when you start keyword research. Google SEO tool provides one of the most huge and reliable databases.

But it provides the most basic data metrics and they don’t allow for more research and appear just basic keyword quality research.

When you open the keywords planner then you can see the Discover new keywords option then click on that.

Now put your keywords that keywords planner suggest best keywords with average monthly search 1k to 100k format with bidding price.

Even though you can see a lot of keywords with many different variations, you can check negative and not profitable for you. Check the screenshot here. Check Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Company in India

Google keywords planner
Best Keywords Research Tools

#2. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a chrome extension tool that provides different types of helping keywords. Once you installed this keyword extension then you can hijack all google searches best keywords from the google search bar.

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#3. Google Trends

Google trends are the best google product as all google product tools here you can find interest base topics and keywords data.

In this tool no need to login and signup. You just type a keyword ”google trends” on the google search bar and click on the first link you can see like that.

Then you can click on the right side and here will get multiple feature points like explore, trending search, year in search.

But wait minute 

It basically gives trending keywords data or if you are running a news blog website then you can find trending news blog topics. Also, you can use filter country-based, daily search and real-time search based.

Google Trends
Best Keywords Research Tools

#4 .Answer The Public

Answer the public is the best questing keywords finding tool most beginners don’t know how to do keyword research, but this is the best for beginners you have to put your niche keyword then you can see huge question keywords like this.

When I used this tool it gave multiple chances to keyword analysis software but now it gives only 3 to 5 times you can put your keyword and get the result. best SEO company in Agra

But it is helpful for long-tail keywords and it gives better keywords research mindmap.

Answer The Public
Best Keywords Research Tools

#5. Google Search Console

Google search console again is google product but it provides accurate CTR based keywords but after your website is live and they crawl for which keyword your website better and make appearing on SERP so that particular keywords show on your console.

When you open your Google Search console then go to the performance you can check which relevant keyword query coming on the SERP and Google showing your website. Then you can target that particular keyword. Check this screenshot.

Google Search Console
Top 5 Best Keywords Research Tools

Frequently asked Question 

How do I research keywords for SEO for free?

If you are stuck on how to keyword research for free then you can google keywords planner is the top 5 best keywords research tool or you can check the entire tool that is all definitely free. Are you looking for the Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai

What is the best SEO keyword research tool?

There are many best SEO keyword research tools but just depending on you if you are looking for a free keyword tool the google keyword planner is best but if you can go for the paid tool then ahrefs is the best keyword tool.

How do I find the best keywords for SEO?

If you are doing SEO practice then keywords are the first part of SEO so you can use ahrefs and google keyword planner for the best keywords for SEO.

Is there any SEO tool as good as Google keyword planner?

No, there are plenty of free keyword popularity checker tools but as compared to everyone google keyword planner is the best since it is a google product and you want to rank on google.

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