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Top 5 Best SEO Plugins For on-page SEO

Digital marketing leverages a certain category, this is not wrong to say Digital marketing is a Boss of marketing, there are some other parts like social media marketing, social media optimization, PPC, Content Marketing and Search engine optimization (SEO).

If you are already doing SEO then you must know about them but if you are a beginner and recently started doing SEO then These plugins should be on your WordPress blog.

If you will find free SEO plugins then you will get huge plugins for search engine Optimization.

But in this post, I will recommend you the best free SEO plugin for WordPress 2021 you can easily optimize your post and can do better on-page SEO.

Believe me these top 5 best SEO plugins really easy to understand 

Without wasting time let’s get started with the SEO framework

  • Yoast( SEO plugins)
  • Rankmath
  • All in one SEO
  • Simple SEO
  • SEO Press

Yoast( SEO plugins)

Yoast is the best on-page SEO plugin and my favourite too, Yoast is very easy to do SEO and fulfil title tag, Meta tag and Keyphrase.

Yoast easily creates XML sitemaps without any coding. Some of the other plugins wouldn’t have this feature so SEO is the best.

Top 5 Best “SEO” Plugins

Is Yoast the best SEO plugin?

 Many users say it is Yoast the best plugin or not, I would say this is the best plugin because I have been using this plugin personally for the last year you can use any other plugins it is your choice.


Rankmath is the second position in my post. Rank math has many great features and as Yoast, it is easy too, and its reach snippet is very good for customization.

I used it too personally. There are good interfaces but it has a sitemap creation feature so you can use this plugin.

If you are not comfortable using Yoast then Rank math is the best SEO plugin for you.

All in one SEO

The third plugin is All in one SEO. This is not good and not too bad but is a good plugin for Search engine optimization.

You can easily fetch title, meta description, keyphrase and optimize your post for “SERP” so you can rank on google

Top 5 Best “SEO” Plugins

But why this is not well and good is because when you submit a sitemap in webmaster then you have to create a sitemap with XML sitemap creation website or use some other plugin for sitemap. Otherwise, for SEO All in one SEO is good.

Simple SEO

Many of them would say if all the above Top 5 Best “SEO” Plugins For on-page SEO are best then why should I use Simple SEO plugins? I know it is a genuine question but as a name of plugin Simple SEO does on-page SEO too simple.

But these points will help you to understand because there is some interesting feature as it can import Yoast, rank math and all in one SEO data easily without any trouble

  • Generates META tags automatically.
  • Generates a sitemap automatically upon activation.
  • Works out-of-the-box. Just install!
  • You can override any title and set any META description and any META keywords you want!
  • Google Analytic!
  • Google Webmaster Tools!
  • Bing verification, Yandex verification, Baidu verification!
  • Twitter and Facebook customization!
  • Quickedit SEO titles and descriptions!
  • Import Yoast SEO data!
  • Import Rank Math SEO data!
  • Import All In One SEO data!
  • Supports custom post types!

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SEO Press

Seo Press is a powerful WordPress plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, create XML and HTML sitemap, create Schema, 301 redirections and optimize breadcrumbs too so this power pack link should be used if you are a beginner.

If you are now facing trouble in Search engine optimization then you can take help with the best Seo service in India 


These all five Plugins are the power of on-page SEO if you are a beginner then must be used because if you are using these plugins will help to optimize your blog and post. Most professional or SEO experts use these plugins.

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