Best SEO Expert in Agra

Best SEO Expert in Agra: Interview with SEO Expert in Agra

Google always update new thing every month, google algorithm is really powerful to understand to read the best content on the web but do you know how to put effort into optimising the content of the Best SEO Expert in Agra.

After Bert algorithm google got a mind to think which content is good or which is bad and what kind of error has that particular content.

This quote really perfect for SEO experts and specialist

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” — Wendy Piersall

“But wait”

Google how much gonna smart but SEO learners and SEO experts or specialists are always there to understand better.

So today I am going to talk with Mr Sunil who is the best SEO expert in Agra.

The first fall I Called Mr Sunil for an interview with him.

He said: he has a busy schedule

But after insist, he got agree to a small interview.

Then we haven’t a studio or any interview platform then we decided both of us we meet at Tealogy Tea centre where we discuss digital marketing tactics and SEO strategy.

Then we meet at tealogy.

Where we have set on chair and Sunil said to get tea to Waiter.

You know it was a very interesting Interview to meet now we talk to each other while having tea.

I “asked” many questions to him

How he keeps motivating every time Since SEO is a very different field where you have to keep motivated all the time.

Then he said about his mindset strategy to keep motivate their mind.

He said: they always think positive and prefer always a positive environment.

They say if someone talking in a negative way they always cut of them and create a positive environment.

They don’t like a negative mindset

These points really made motivate me. then i kept these points.

Now I asked about SEO strategy. 

You can not guess what he said, do not worry about that.

I know you are now connected with my real interview in Text format. trust me there is all talk is realistic.

When I asked about SEO strategy: he said they always first focus on Local SEO and Business and they always like to help small businesses.

They say the first checked of clints website technical SEO, ON page SEO and they do audit manually most of the time.

Then I asked which tool they use for SEO.

They say TOOLS are just tools but Ahref. MOZ, Keywords Planner his favourite.

Then He laughs and says you know about them all the tools.

I said I know but Expert is always expert that’s why I asking you and my user would like to hear from the best SEO expert in Agra The great Sunil sir.

Now we discuss clints. how many clients do they handle?

He said: we worked much big and small business and they all are happy to their service.

And at the time they work with multiple clients from Agra, Aligarh and other cities too and providing the best SEO services In Agra.

Then in a funny way, I asked him to share their revenue, He said this is going to be more personal then I said ok now tell me to know our audience what is his future plan.

They say on this question: he has a master plan to help business and teach more students as a digital marketing expert and wants to make more best SEO experts in India like Sunil.

They have multiple websites and blogs Justbaazaar is a famous directory submission website one of them

Then he said to me: would you like one more tea I said no, he said I would like, then he get one more tea, as he have drunk three tea.

Pro tip: Then I asked what would you like to give the best tip for SEO learners.

He said to keep motivate yourself all time, be positive and do not scare before taking action because your action will define your success.

Then we shake hands and both of us happy to talk to each other.

I have learned certain things from him.

Keep stay keep learning I will meet you next time with new Top SEO expert India

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