SEO Link Building Techniques

SEO Link Building Techniques-Guide For Beginners

Want to know seo link building techniques to boost rank in search engines?

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Building Links is not an easy task for beginners; this is almost one of the hardest stages in the whole blogging career. Link building techniques related to SEO has their own importance to get a high page rank in any search engine.

Google measure a high page rank link back to your site as a vote and these votes help Google algorithm to rank pages top in search engine because it looks like this page has much important information which is helpful for users.

SEO link building techniques help you find out those tactics that help to boost your search engine ranking and get your page on 1st page of Google rapidly. You just have to follow these tactics which are given below.

Basic SEO Link Building Techniques:

SEO Link Building Techniques

Here, I’ll show you some basic steps of SEO link building techniques:

1. Build Link With Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging is an energetic link building technique to get high page rank links. There is no doubt that it isn’t an easy task to get links from it, because it requires too much effort and time as well to create an article and submit it to high page rank blogs as a guest blogger.

In return, these blog owners link back to your site and these links have their own importance because a single link from page rank 5 or page rank 6 is more powerful than 100 links from page rank 0 or 1.

Few Ideas for Guest Blogging:

  • Research Guest Blogs:

When you are ready to get creative link building strategies from guest blogging then spend time researching high page rank blogs in your niche community that gives an opportunity for new guest bloggers to write useful articles on their site.

  • Topic Ideas For Guest Post:

After finding a blog for whom you are writing, now you have to pick a topic that is relevant to your site and of course, it is very much essential to have a topic in mind before starting guest blogging.

  • Write Guest Post:

Now, write a guest post for that blog and send your article to the owner of the blog and follow all terms and conditions of that blog. Simply, by following this way you will also build your reputation in the community and it’s best to link building techniques as well.

2. Info-graphic Link Building:

Info-graphic is one of the best link building techniques used by many webmasters to earn powerful link building strategies 2022 of high page rank sites and authority sites as well. As Info-graphic is visual information, it is very easy to understand rather than reading a blog post or article and it safe a lot of precious time.

It is considered the 2nd most important link building technique for getting high-quality backlinks. Use info-graphic to target relevant sites that help you to earn maximum links, social shares and credibility etc.

The use of info-graphic instead of writing blogs helps to increase your site ranking because now a day people consider earning maximum information in a short period with an enjoyable and understandable look. So, info-graphic is not a bad idea to achieve a targeted audience on your site.

3. Build High-Quality links with social media:

Social Media plays a vital role in promoting blogs or any product now a day. Because millions of people use social media daily and its rate goes increasing day by day.

There is no doubt, that these social media create a great impact on your blogging effort now a day. As there are lots of people who promote their blog on social media daily and get direct traffic from it.

Social media is another hale and hearty link building technique. Some social networking sites or social bookmarking sites give you a back-link that help in increasing the search engine ranking of any site.

4. Few Tips for Social Media Link Building:

  • Facebook:

As it is very important to promote your blog. It sends direct visitors to your site as well as Facebook also give back to your site a do-follow back-link in the links portion where you can add your site.

  • Twitter:

Twitter, helps to increase your site visibility throughout the world and spread your new article or update in the targeted community. As it also gives you a No-follow back-link which doesn’t pass any link juice this link has many importance to increase your site credibility.

5. Answer Online Questions:

There are lots of people who ask online questions and they are required answers to these questions to clear their concept.

So, what are you waiting for? Find related questions about your niche in your community and answer these questions with relevant references.

In return, you will get a link from these communities and Google loves these links. It’ll help you to rank your page top in search engines because these links are getting in return for helpful answers from a trusted site like yahoo answers and many other high page rank sites.

6. Create Quality Link Bait Posts:

Linkbait is, the best link building technique nowadays to get a lot of social shares, tweets and generate quality types of link building as well. Without doing any effort you can easily get quality content from experts. Is it possible?

Yes! pick up an eye-catching title to create a particular post for experts. Now, after that just create an attractive email and send a proposal to experts in participating in that. This way, your page will quickly boost page rank in search engines.

7. Interview of popular blog site owners:

Taking interviews from expert blog owners in relevant fields will definitely assist you to gain a lot of people’s interest in reading a blog or sharing it with others.

High-quality interviews go viral and quickly rank on top in search engines and gain a lot of quality backlinks from High PR sites.

Make sure that your questions must be relevant and of high quality. If you take an interview through a webcam then you just have to make a video of the expertise interview and share it on high-rank video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo to make it viral and get high-quality back-links from authority sites.


Understanding link building techniques may be difficult for newbie bloggers but with a little attention and with high focus on it makes it very easy to get links from authority sites. Make sure that you are not involved in any black hat techniques to get links through these techniques all efforts of getting SEO links will also go in vain.

Implement these seo link building techniques that are mentioned above and got quality links from authority sites to boost rank in search engines.

Have you any other high-quality link building techniques to build links manually? Just leave your valuable comments in a comment bar section!

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