What is a page experience

What is a Page Experience?

What is a page experience? Everyone wants to know the answer to this question as many times google learners or SEO experts in the world already talked about this important question.

If I explain in a simple way about page experience, page experience is nothing but a set of signals from googling how your user takes the experience of interacting with your web page beyond it is pure information value from desktop or mobile both.

As we know Google always works on their algorithm for a better user experience so page experience is one of the page experience algorithms.

What is a Page Experience

Google page experience is proved a summary of the user experience of your website and how much time they interact on your website page.

Google acknowledges the experience of the user for your website and provides a page experience report in your console account you can check over there.

What is a Page Experience Signals

Some SEO specialist does not know How does page experience affect SEO? Because they do not aware of proper page experience and What is a Page Experience Signals. Even sometimes before I am not aware of them properly.

There are 4 mesor signals that must be focused on that also represents CORE Web Vital too.

Core Web Vitals

Core web Vital is the biggest page experience issue if you do not fix them then could be a pull-down website ranking.

It focuses largest content full paint (LCP), first input delay(FID), and Cumulative layout shifted (CLS)


“As we heard” your website should be mobile-friendly but most digital marketing expert does not focus on mobile-friendliness website.

It is a top page experience signal you know why because most users convert into a mobile rather than a desktop, so your website is not getting opened properly on the mobile might this signal can affect your website.


It is also a page experience signal that must check your page serve on HTTPS, it also protects your website and appears secured connection.

No intrusive interstitials

The content on the page is easily accessible to the user

How do I Optimize My Page Experience?

Now we have understood What is a Page Experience and its signal but now it is the biggest question of how we optimize my page experience.

If you are in SEO then you know how to optimize and how to mesor them.

But let’s understand which points should follow to optimize the page experience Signal.

  • Check your website on that tool that measures LCP, FID, and CLS. like page insight and GT Metrix which are very helpful.
  • Check your website and page on the mobile-friendly test tool, which gives a better result.
  • Check your website connection and concern with the hosting provider if your web page does not serve on HTTPS
  • Check your Webmaster page experience report matrix and fix them that point to getting issues.
  • Must check your user easily access your web page and content on the mobile 

Is page experience a ranking factor?

This question most of them ask is whether page experience is a ranking factor so the answer is “YES”  page experience is a ranking factor google announced at the starting of August 2021


Now in this content, you will get more clarity about page experience the question is What is a Page ExperienceWhat signal that must analysis? Now it is your turn to check what page experience signal affected your website check and fix them. The Google Search Console page experience, option gives more insight into your user experience for your website and blog.

In the pages experience section, you can analyze core web Vital like LCP, FID, CLS, and Ux and fix and improve website Ranking, what is a Page Experience, and can improve search engine optimization scores.

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