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Version 2.0: Sumit Pathak Become The Best Version of 2.0 Next Five Year

Hello guys as we know there are every person has a different life and different kind of circumstances so as I have, don’t worry I am not discussing my problem.

Before starting something you need to know about myself

So my name is Sumit Pathak from Agra The City of Taj now doing a job as an SEO Executive and still working on freelancing.

How to Start My Digital Journey

I have completed my graduation from Bachelor of Art as we know B. A graduate person who doesn’t have communication skills and nothing has no technical skills and a diploma.

But I need a job at that time I did a job in BPO but there was huge mental pressure so I left that job then did as a computer operator in a printing office.

Where have done 6 years of my job but suddenly after comes the currency demonetization I lost that job again, then am stuck at home fully depressed and whole the time was using the phone and fill the form of the digital-kal institute of digital marketing.

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I joined that institute and completed my course because at that time I need a job so I joined because they get placement some agency and company.

After competed I got the job now still working in that agency of virtual SEO expert.

It’s happened just because of am not giving up still learning from my life and from who is around me.
Without learning nothing earning.

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Version 2.0: Dream

Sumit Pathak is full of a dreamer because past year back my dream is a want to be an actor but now MY dream is to start my own digital marketing agency till 2024 years.

But without any proper guidance, I can’t do that, so now I joined the digital Deepak internship program(DDIP)

And am working on it


Hello friends and who is read this post I know am not a professional writer but just I am tried if this post will help you and motivate you, drop valuable feedback, and if you don’t find it valuable give me feedback.

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